Leeds United set-piece goals

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This Gianni Vio-inspired page holds a record of every set-piece goals both for and against Leeds United in league and play-off matches since the start of the 2018/19 season. I've broken them down into five set-piece types: penalties, corners, free-kicks, direct free-kicks and throw-ins.


There are also three phases of play, so a rare corner that is scored directly from the initial delivery is scored from a primary phase, but a goal scored following a corner delivery classifies as being converted in the secondary phase of play. A goal scored in the tertiary phase of play qualifies as the goal originated from a set-play situation. The position is the location of the finish in relation to the nearest goalline. 

Leeds' set-piece troubles have been well documented in recent seasons, and you can keep track of our progress or regression below. 

Leeds' Set-Piece Goals Scored Since 2018/19

Leeds' Set-Piece Goals Conceded Since 2018/19

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